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new releases

May 12, '22: Release of the The Foundations of Decay single.

August 26, '22:
  • The Mad Gear and Missile Kid EP receives its first streaming release on Spotify!
  • The Black Parade is Dead and Life on the Murder scene are now available for rental and purchase on Amazon Prime Video.
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    thank you, mcr
    Back in the late 2000s, when fansites were abundant and the world of the teenage emo was still coming down from the release of The Black Parade, there existed a website by the name of "Thank you, MCR."
    Yes, I'm sure everyone's heard the "MCR saved my life!" story more times than they can count. But hey - sometimes people repeat things because they're true. TYMCR was an ongoing project that accepted submissions of the stories of how My Chemical Romance, in one way or another, changed people's lives. Here's how they describe themselves:

    "There are so many ways to save a life. Sometimes it's as big and obvious as causing someone to reconsider a suicide attempt, or swaying someone from the path to addiction. Sometimes it's as small and subtle as bringing light into a life where happiness was sadly lacking, giving someone new hope and inspiration at a time when things seem darkest. Sometimes salvation comes in the form of finding new friends who share a common interest, and having companionship and camaraderie where once there was loneliness. Sometimes it's as simple as being able to lose oneself in the music, and evade the burdens of a too-tedious routine for a little while. All these things, and so much more, can have such a massive effect in a person's life: the difference, sometimes, between mere existence and actively, joyfully living.

    "It doesn't take very long, when journeying across My Chemical Romance fandom, to realize how great an effect this band has had on their fans: to hear the many and varied tales of how the band has changed lives for the better. This site is intended as a way of gathering some of those stories, sharing them amongst ourselves and celebrating our good fortune at having these guys in our world; and maybe, who knows, someday the band might stumble across it, and be able to see for themselves how much of a difference they've made, in ways they couldn't have even imagined, and how much we appreciate them for the good they've done."

    Unfortunately, the original project has been defunct for, what, over ten years? at this point. But, well, I think it couldn't hurt to bring it back. With full credit to the original website, I've decided to create Thank You, MCR: 2.0. Creative name, right?
    If you feel like My Chemical Romance has benefitted your life in any way, submit your story here.

    Currently, the TYMCR 2.0 project has 0 submissions. Submissions are currently open.