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new releases

May 12, '22: Release of the The Foundations of Decay single.

August 26, '22:
  • The Mad Gear and Missile Kid EP receives its first streaming release on Spotify!
  • The Black Parade is Dead and Life on the Murder scene are now available for rental and purchase on Amazon Prime Video.
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    August 27;; 11:00 pm
    Save Face;; Curse Me Out

    I didn't think I'd be writing another post so soon... but, today's performance of Cancer was quite possibly the best it's ever been played live. I'll be uploading streams of the North American shows soon, so I'll make sure to timestamp it. Just... Wow, okay. I was totally blown away. You really should listen to it.
    Speaking of the N.A. tour leg, I should really talk about Noise Jam, A.K.A. Everybody Hates the Eagles. To the best of my knowledge, they've been playing an instrumental-only version of this since ~2011; but, now it has words! I would love to get a studio recording of the complete version, but I have a feeling this could be a Sister of Sleep situation. But who knows? Maybe it'll be released as a bonus track somewhere like, you know, an album. Hopefully my fears about it never getting an official release will be proven wrong, because I'm really into it. I'm gonna set myself on fire, I want you to set me on fire, etc. Pretty metal if you ask me.
    And hopefully the Foundations of Decay lyrics situation will be sorted out soon. I'll add the confirmed lyrics when they come out. In the meantime, make sure to stream and/or buy it from the link on the sidebar. That's all for now.
    August 26;; 8:22 pm
    My Chemical Romance;; Cubicles

    As of right now ghostsinthesnow is officially live! Which is crazy to think about. I don't really have much to say right now, except that this column is going to be used for both news about the band, site updates, and a tiny bit of blogging if necessary.
    The next update should include at least one member profile, some new additions to the fanfiction archive, and some links to old-school sites in that "friends" section over there. For now, this is what you get... so I hope you like it :).